Transportation Services in Seattle, Washington

We all need reliable and safe transportation at one point or another. Either you are traveling to a special event, airport, or need long-distance medical transportation, you should find a trustworthy transportation company. If you live in Seattle or any other nearby area, and you need transportation services, Around the Sound is ready to assist you.

Reliable Transportation Services

Around the Sound is a premier non-emergency transportation service in Seattle, Tacoma, and other surrounding areas. We are a family-owned company, and we guarantee reasonably priced and prompt services that include medical transportation, airport transportation, event transportation, and long-distance transportation.

Medical Transportation in Seattle

Around the Sound provides reliable and safe transportation to people suffering limit mobility, chronic illnesses, and medical conditions by helping them to get to their doctor’s appointments, scheduled treatments, and other places they need to go. At Around the Sound, we specialize in the following medical transportation services:

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  • Wheelchair and gurney transportation. We provide Non-emergency Stretcher Transportation (NEST) and Non-Emergency Medical Wheelchair Transportation.
  • Ambulatory. Our services also include safe transportation to hospitals.
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Drivers at Around the Sound are experienced in working with Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, who constantly need attention and observance.
  • Accessible transportation. We accommodate all types of mobility assistance devices, including wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, and others.
  • Special needs transportation. We also have experience in working with patients with different cognitive and physical disabilities by providing them with the transportation they need.
  • Military VA Transportation. Around the Sound is a perfect transportation solution for military veterans as well.

Seattle Airport Transportation

Getting to and from the airport can be stressful. However, it should not be like that. At Around the Sound, we do our best to make airport transportation for our clients comfortable, easy, and enjoyable. We specialize in accommodating all types of travelers – from businesspeople to people with special needs with disabilities. Our airport transportation services include the following:

  • Airport drop-offs
  • Airport pickups
  • Wheelchair accessible transportation
  • Multiple people transportation
  • Terminal drop-offs
  • Terminal pickups

Event Transportation in Seattle, WA

At Around the Sound, we provide transportation to different special events and treat our clients to luxury. Our common event transportation services include:

  • Weddings. We want to make your wedding day really special and hassle-free. We will get you to every location you need on your wedding day. At Around the Sound, we handle transportation for bride, groom, and wedding parties.
  • Sporting events. Whether you are planning a night out to watch a game in a bar with your friends or are heading to a stadium to watch a march, we will organize proper transportation for you.
  • Prom. We also provide transportation for teenagers attending their proms. Our mission is to make sure that they arrive on time and in style.
  • Other special events. 

Long Distance Transportation in Seattle

One of our specializations is long-distance transportation of disabled and elderly persons throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Tacoma. Seattle WA and other nearby areas. We do our best to make long-distance transportation comfortable and safe for our clients. We are able to accomplish this by communicating with our clients and understanding their special needs. Unlike many other transportation companies, we boast reasonable rates, which make long-distance transportation affordable.

Do you need the help of professional Transportation Services in Seattle, Washington?

Regardless of your transportation needs, Around the Sound will be glad to assist you and provide you with the high-quality, reliable, and safe transportation services you deserve. Contact us today for all of your reliable transportation needs in the Seattle, Washington area.

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