What Does the Future of Transportation Hold in Space?

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For more than five decades, man has traveled into space. But now we’ve reached an exciting point where space travel may begin being more possible for people who aren’t trained astronauts. That’s because, in an exciting development, private spaceflight is becoming feasible. In fact, some experts say that in another 50 years, travel to space will be relatively commonplace, and humanity may even live off Earth.

Until you have the chance to blast off into space, you may have more practical needs, like for reliable handicap transportation in Tacoma, WA. However, everyone in the transportation industry is keeping track of these exciting developments in space transport.

The launch of private spaceflight

Sure, NASA has been launching shuttles into space for several decades. But recent advances mean that private spaceflight is becoming cheaper. This will make private spaceflight more accessible than it’s ever been, as it’s never been possible before!

While your average person won’t be able to venture off into space for a while, some companies are offering rides into the great unknown for $200,000. Hundreds of people have already taken advantage of this opportunity in the form of putting down advance payments.

The next steps to the final frontier

Other possibilities include tourism trips with a stop at the International Space Station. One company is looking at developing a commercial space station as well. Another emergent reality is space flight for travel around the globe, which could condense long-haul flights from, say, New York to Singapore into a quick commuter length.

Sending astronauts to Mars or to an asteroid has long been a vision of both national and private spaceflight programs. Development for new kinds of vehicles, AI and research on entry and landing systems is needed before this moves forward. One primary subject of interest is exploring the possibility of life on Mars.

NASA is working on the capabilities to create larger spaceships that can accommodate larger crews for a trip to Mars. Bringing a heavy-lift vehicle into space is another goal. All of this development would support the evolution of private spaceflight, which is still too dangerous and expensive to become widely feasible.

Back to more earthbound concerns…

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