Is It Illegal to Drive Under the Speed Limit in Washington State?

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Everyone knows that it’s illegal to drive over the speed limit, but what about driving under the speed limit? You might have experienced the frustration of getting stuck behind a slow driver while you’re on the road and wondered whether it’s legal for them to drive below the speed limit. Because of how speed limit laws are written, it’s not always easy to determine whether someone is driving so slowly that it’s unlawful. Understanding a little bit more about Washington’s driving laws can help shed some light on this subject.

Minimum speed laws

In Washington, the law states that drivers are not permitted to drive at a speed that’s so slow that it impedes the normal flow of traffic. In other words, if a driver is going so slowly that they are negatively affecting the normal movement of traffic in a significant way, they are breaking Washington state law. The law also states that a person driving on a multi-lane road or highway must not drive in the left lane unless they are driving at a speed that’s faster than the flow of traffic.

Because the law doesn’t specify an exact speed cutoff that’s too slow for drivers, the enforcement of Washington’s speeding laws is largely left to the discretion of police officers. Because there are other factors that can affect driving speed, including speedometer inconsistencies, varying tire sizes and small calibration errors in speed radar technology, police officers won’t typically pull a driver over for driving five miles per hour or less under the speed limit. Still, drivers should remember that officers have the right to pull them over for driving over or under the speed limit by any margin, so it’s best to follow the posted speed limit as closely as you can when you’re on the road.

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